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Fed Up of zerobombers

2010-03-12 11:58:19 by Deathadder99

Hey. I don't know how many people will read this. But im not posting any more music to NG, or anywhere else under this name any more. If you liked what I'm doing, Please check out my Youtube account - I think all the songs are miles better than what I have on here, and that its the start of a new era for my music. Thanks.

haha, i think i should start making my own sounds ;) instead of using presets lol. Might not post new music for a while, going on holiday, but i do have a lot of free time nowadays, so i have the time to invest in something great :)


2009-12-17 10:30:51 by Deathadder99

God, i hate the midi input FL has, i prefer to write proper notes, the old fashioned way haha, suppose i better get used to it tho :P

First Submission Yay!

2008-06-06 16:15:09 by Deathadder99

I hope you guys like it :)