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Fed Up of zerobombers

2010-03-12 11:58:19 by Deathadder99

Hey. I don't know how many people will read this. But im not posting any more music to NG, or anywhere else under this name any more. If you liked what I'm doing, Please check out my Youtube account - I think all the songs are miles better than what I have on here, and that its the start of a new era for my music. Thanks.


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2010-03-12 12:16:59

"Music Reviews: 13"
No wonder you feel so lonely.....I hope you make lots of money & stuff.


2011-08-20 09:38:44 lost...the zero bombers won,


2011-08-23 10:31:51

Hey man, same thing happened to my friend DjKreed ... he had a Newgrounds account on here, under the name of "RogueAlexGamer" He posted his music up and it was going all well for him ... then people just constantly zero bombed him ... so he pretty much called quits and uploaded some songs from skillet to purposely get banned from making songs on his account, lol. He also went as far to delete all of his songs ... no matter if some of them had a good rating and all ... he was sick of NG ... but he gets me to upload his songs so people have a way of downloading his songs :)
he has a youtube page:
You should friend him or something ... seeing as he's been in the same scenario as you haha.
Liking your music, keep it up :)